Since 1997, Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara (BCRC), has been supporting the needs of women facing breast cancer diagnosis and treatment — empowering a sisterhood, healing by fostering hope, and offering encouragement to cope so women can move from surviving to thriving. The best way to understand the impact of the BCRC is through the voices of our courageous THRIVE client models.

  • Judy Blanco
    Judy Blanco Thrive 2022
  • Lisa Couch
    Lisa Couch Thrive 2022
  • Marieta Jablonca
    Marieta Jablonca Thrive 2022
  • Beverly King
    Beverly King Thrive 2022
  • Melinda Rogers
    Melinda Rogers Thrive 2022
  • Barbara Urbanas
    Barbara Urbanas Thrive 2022
  • Carole Baral
    Carole Baral Thrive 2021
  • Miriam Dance
    Miriam Dance Thrive 2021
  • Tamara Everett
    Tamara Everett Thrive 2021
  • Karen Mulhullen
    Karen Mulhullen Thrive 2021
  • Charmian Tallman
    Charmian Tallman Thrive 2021
  • Maira Toscano
    Maira Toscano Thrive 2021
  • Carrie Chase
    Carrie Chase Thrive 2019
  • Sharon Donohoe
    Sharon Donohoe Thrive 2019
  • Aimee Dutch
    Aimee Dutch Thrive 2019
  • Melissa Garcia
    Melissa Garcia Thrive 2019
  • Marcela Rojas
    Marcela Rojas Thrive 2019